I have never been volcano surfing, nor have I been to Iguazu Falls. I have not gone wingsuiting, and I haven't even participated in a sandcastle building contest. Yet. 

I view life as a constant opportunity to explore and to push all of the boundaries possible, but to use everything as an opportunity to learn and to grow. As a photographer certainly, but most importantly, as a person. I have had the great fortune to have many amazing experiences in my life, but my greatest adventures have all involved being a photographer, a husband, and a father. 

Art, and creation, and creativity - of every variety - have always, and will always, make my heart go pitter pat. Having the ability to daily explore the beauty, and the power, that is photography, even after nearly a quarter of a century of being actively involved in photography, is still endlessly exhilarating, and downright intoxicating. 

I hope you will join me for my next adventure. Tell me what thrills you! Let us combine our passions to create the best possible visuals of your business. And let's see if there is a sandcastle building contest that we can enter together nearby.